BaitJay is shutting down

BaitJay users, customers, and fans, we’re sad to announce that BaitJay is shutting down.

Our last day online will be Friday, May 25, 2018. After that, BaitJay won’t be available and any content in it will no longer be accessible. We know that some of you have come to rely on us heavily and won’t be easy. We’re committed to making this as good an experience as is possible under the circumstances.


We will continue to answer questions on chat or via email at

Thank You

You shared at least part of that vision and took a chance on us along the way. You gave us your time, attention and trust. For all that, we are grateful. It was your support, your feedback (positive and negative!) and your enthusiasm that fueled us and got us as far we went. Getting to this decision was gut-wrenching and took months. We still believe in the vision and love the mission. But in the end, we failed to build a sustainable business. Even with a small team, we were never profitable, and we weren’t able to grow our revenue fast enough to get there. Thank you for helping make the dream possible and for giving us a shot at greatness.

Baitjay Team